The ADHD Alliance is inviting you an MS Teams live event where we learn about ADHD and the Criminal Justice System with Sarah Templeton. Sarah wrote the hit book ‘How NOT to Murder Your ADHD Kid – Instead Learn to be Your Child’s Own ADHD Coach‘ released in 2021, as she realised the key to stopping ADHD adolescents becoming homeless, unemployed, on drugs and in prison was to educate the parents. If parents could recognise their kids getting into these sorts of issues very early on and change their child’s life path by pursuing an early diagnosis, medication and managing their ADHD properly from the start, the end result would mean the prisons, homeless hostels and rehabs would NOT be packed to the rafters with ADHD.

The meeting starts at 1300hrs on 22nd September via MS Teams – Click here to join the meeting

The aims of the meeting are:

  • Why ADHD is so prevalent in the criminal justice system
  • All the ADHD traits that get people in to trouble with the law
  • What to look for in offenders to identify undiagnosed ADHD
  • What to look for in ADHD comorbidities
  • How to best interact with someone that has ADHD
  • What change do we need at Government level to support ADHD

Sarah Templeton was diagnosed at the age of 51. If it hadn’t been for her counsellor urging her to get a diagnosis after recognising the ADHD traits in her, she would have probably spent the rest of her life struggling against them!

Sarah has spent the past 20 years helping people, she started out as a Mentor with The Big Issue helping London’s homeless. She loved the challenge of working with people who had given up hope and had nothing. Her passion for life and compassion for anyone struggling meant after 7 years, she was given an even tougher group to mentor – ex-offenders. Sarah thrived on the challenge and kept a prolific offender out of prison for 12 months – the first time he had seen the light of day since the age of 19. He was 31.

The meeting will be hosted by the MPS ADHD Alliance, only formed in February 2022. The group has a wealth of knowledge to share with you about their experiences with ADHD. If you’re seeking advice or support for yourself or a friend/family member, we are there to make your journey easier.

ADHD and the Criminal Justice System with Sarah Templeton

Meeting Details

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Meeting ID: 330 115 262 070
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