Headstuff ADHD

Sarah Templeton set up both Headstuff ADHD Therapy and Headstuff ADHD Liberty to help the ADHD community

Government needs to know about ADHD

Therapy and Diagnosis

About Headstuff ADHD Therapy

Sarah Templeton set up Headstuff ADHD Therapy after her own shock ADHD diagnosis in 2015. What started as a one woman band has grown over the years and Sarah now runs the biggest team of ADHD diagnosed counsellors in the UK.

Headstuff ADHD Therapy are a team of passionate ADHD Counsellors and Coaches with vast amounts of additional specialities including addiction, trauma, couples & relationships, adolescent & youth, SEN education, career & employment, grief & bereavement, NLP, EMDR and now has therapists dotted throughout Great Britain.

Sarah firmly believes that to work with an ADHD Client you need to have an ADHD brain yourself. You can book Sarah as a therapist – see her page here.

Schools and Prisons Failing to Recognise ADHD

Freedom From Addiction & Crime

About Headstuff ADHD Liberty
Having worked voluntarily with these client groups for nearly 30 years, Sarah was shocked and appalled to find how many of these people were either diagnosed ADHD as children but not medicated as adults, misdiagnosed usually with BPD/EUPD or completely bewildered by their addictions, offending behaviours or not being able to settle into tenancies due to their undiagnosed ADHD.

She has gathered together a team of highly qualified ADHD experts in the addiction, offending and homeless fields to work specifically with these clients.  This includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, addiction counsellors and SEN experts.

You can book Sarah as a therapist – see her page here.