Sarah Templeton

Fighting for the ADHD Community and Forcing Change to Empower those with ADHD

Book Author

How NOT to Murder your ADHD Kid

Since working in two adult male prisons and two young offender units, Sarah was determined to do her best to keep young ADHD teenagers away from the criminal justice system.

Headstuff ADHD Therapy

ADHD Therapy

Sarah Templeton set up Headstuff ADHD Therapy after her own shock ADHD diagnosis in 2015. What started as a one woman band has grown over the years and Sarah now runs the biggest team of ADHD diagnosed counsellors in the UK.


HeadStuff ADHD Liberty

Freedom From Addiction & Crime

Sarah Templeton set up Headstuff ADHD Liberty after realising that the addiction world, the homeless world and the offending world were ALL packed to the rafters with primarily undiagnosed ADHD.


Media Campaigner

Sarah is a passionate ADHD campaigner and available for Radio, Television, Newspaper & Magazine, Webinar & Podcast interviews.

Sarah Templeton


Sarah Templeton is a passionate advocate for adolescents and adults with either unrecognised, and therefore undiagnosed, or late diagnosed ADHD. 
She has seen the catastrophic effects of the condition not being diagnosed early enough. Her decades volunteering and working with the homeless, serving & ex-offenders and with addicts had flagged up the disproportionately high amounts of ADHD in these groups; who have such an easily treatable condition which had been allowed to destroy their lives. Purely because nobody including teachers, CAMHS, GPs, probation, the police and prison services and charities working in the sectors haven’t spotted it.


Sarah Templeton

Articles, Podcasts, Radio and more

Sarah Templeton is regulary in the news talking passionately about ADHD. Check out some of the latest news and articles here.