Discover Sarah Templetons story and why she is so passionate about helping others with ADHD

ADHD Specialist

Sarah Templeton

Sarah wrote the hit book ‘How NOT to Murder Your ADHD Kid – Instead Learn to be Your Child’s Own ADHD Coach’ released in 2021, as she realised the key to stopping ADHD adolescents becoming homeless, unemployed, on drugs and in prison was to educate the parents.  If parents could recognise their kids getting into these sorts of issues very early on and change their child’s life path by pursuing an early diagnosis, medication and managing their ADHD properly from the start, the end result would mean the prisons, homeless hostels and rehabs would NOT be packed to the rafters with ADHD. 
Sarah is a vocal advocate for change and believes The ADHD Act is long overdue. She very much hopes this Act will ensure ~ 
  • ADHD training for all Teachers, College and University lecturers

  • ADHD to be included in all counselling, psychology and psychiatric training
  • All offenders to be tested for ADHD when entering a police station for the first time and the prison service for the first time
Sarah is on the APPG for ADHD at the Houses of Parliament and has vowed to be the voice for the  tens of thousands of young offenders and adult offenders with undiagnosed ADHD – who cannot get their voice heard within the prison system. Yet without the correct ADHD diagnosis and medication their life is destined to be one spent persistently in and out of prison.
Sarah campaigns the government to change this situation by assessing all offenders for ADHD. Especially young offenders. This is a win-win situation ~ 
  • The crime rates will fall dramatically

  • The public will feel safer – there will be substantially fewer house break-ins, robberies, muggings and other petty crime by risk-taking and thrill-seeking undiagnosed ADHD teens and adults looking to pay for their next fix or their next betting session
  • Vast amounts of money will be saved by not having to lock up people who just needed the right diagnosis and the right medication. The reduced  funding for the prison service should save taxpayers literally millions of pounds annually
  • Suicide rates inside prisons will fall dramatically – dysregulated emotion means ADHD people are at higher risk of self-harm and suicide. Incarcerating people with the ADHD trait ‘the need to get out and do something’ means locking them up for 23 hours a day systematically destroys their mental health
Sarah speaks on radio and television and in specialist and general publications on these matters and can be contacted via her Media page. 

Sarah Templeton