ADHD Time Blindness in Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine article about ADHD Time Blindness, the systoms and how it affects thoses with ADHD. Additionally, what can be done to combat time blindness.

Credit: The article published in Glamour Magazine was written by Charley Ross and features Sarah Templeton, ADHD Specialist.

After over a year in isolation during varying degrees of Covid-related lockdown, we can’t deny that the experience has stayed with us. During the throes of self-isolation, days, hours and weeks would at times blur into one big mess without the traditional markers of time that come with a routine in the world outside of the walls of our home.

Increasingly, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) experts are suggesting that larger amounts of people might be suffering from “time blindness”, which means they have trouble with their awareness of the passing of time.

But even if you don’t have ADHD, everyone still has varying levels of “time awareness” – i.e the ability to assess when the timing of something is going to affect their life, so if they’re running late or they’ve left something important to the last minute.

But if you’re actually time blind, it can be a whole other story.

ADHD Time Blindness Sarah Templeton