How NOT to murder your ADHD kid

Sarah Templeton is a specialist in ADHD. Moreover, Sarah has ADHD herself and has been helping people for over 20 years. Recently Sarah Templeton has become an author, writting the book ‘How NOT to Murder your ADHD kid – Instead Learn how to be your own child’s ADHD Coach’ .

The book helping support parents with childern of ADHD, was released in April 2021. Subsequently, the ADHD book has immediately resonated with parents not only in Britain but worldwide. It has been selling like hotcakes ever since.


This books is for anyone coming into contact with ADHD kids. Find out where your child’s ADHD came from. Find out about the three different kinds of ADHD. Discover the 30+ ADHD traits nobody ever told you about. Additionally, learn how to best handle 30+ situations you may well find yourself in with your ADHD child. Furthermore, read real-life examples where therapeutic strategies and different ways of doing things have turned ADHD houses of horror into oasis of calm and serenity.

Sarah is following this up with a second book aimed specifically at parents of ADHD teenagers. This book is due for release in 2022. How NOT to Murder Your ADHD Kid is available for purchase.


The book is recommended by ADHD psychiatrists, ADHD pediatricians, SEN teachers, ADHD parents and ADHD teenage clients. However, most importantly it is loved by those that have read it. Please check out all the positive reviews.