Young Man Badly Let Down by Schools and The Prison Service NOT Identifying His Severe ADHD


Sarah Templeton introduces us to Sam, who has been in and out of prison many times throughout his young life. He is one of many young offenders who have ADHD yet have absolutely no idea. Sam hadn’t thought he could possibly have the condition until he met Sarah aged 29, having been in prison 15 times.   

He didn’t think he could have ADHD, because surely his school or the prison service would have picked it up? No. Neither did. 

Tens of thousands of young offenders with ADHD don’t even know they have ADHD.  The Ministry of Justice have said in 2022 that all prisoners are being screened for ADHD. This is blatantly not true, because if it was, Sam would have been identified before.  

So many young offenders like Sam want to break the vicious cycle, but what chance do they have if they don’t understand their risk-taking, thrillseeking, not thinking of the consequences and need for adrenaline is due to undiagnosed ADHD? 

Sam has stepped right out of his comfort zone to talk about how his life has been affected from his teens to almost 30 by not getting the right diagnosis.

Watch this video to hear Sarah and Sam chat about ADHD, his life experiences and the problems within the prison system. Please feel free to leave a comment or send a message to Sam.

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