Therapist Sarah Templeton had a horrible journey to get her ADHD diagnosis, and was finally diagnosed aged 51. She talks about her co-occurring severe dyspraxia and dyscalculia and challenging times (and successes) at school.

Sarah worked extremely hard and through her determined efforts became an author, activist and advocate for the ADHD community, talking in Parliament about the woeful inadequacies of the prison system not recognising the huge volume of inmates who are ADHD.

She works with parents, teachers and policy changers, using her selfless grit to help many thousands of children and adults get the support they need to survive (and indeed to thrive) in a neurotypical world, and to use the many amazing skills we ADHDers have. She is the author of ‘How NOT to Murder your ADHD kid – Instead learn to be your child’s own ADHD Coach’.


Get ready for some fast talking in this fascinating and jam-packed episode!