Can You Believe This? How Can The U.K.’s Biggest Counselling Membership Body DISCRIMINATE against their own DISCRIMINATION EXPERT?

So What’s Happened?


The British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, known as the BACP, has shot itself in the foot by discriminating against their own discrimination expert.

It’s widely accepted that Sarah Templeton from High Wycombe, Bucks knows a thing or two about ADHD. Not only has she written one of the bestselling books on parenting ADHD kids – ‘HOW NOT TO MURDER YOUR ADHD KID – INSTEAD LEARN TO BE YOUR CHILD’S OWN ADHD COACH’, she also runs the biggest ADHD therapy company in the UK, is on the All Party Parliamentary Group for ADHD at the Houses of Parliament and campaigns at government level for ADHD to be recognised within the criminal justice system.

Sarah has even written an 8 page article on understanding ADHD for the BACP’s own publication ‘Therapy Today’ which they published in February 2020. The only article ever to appear on Adult ADHD in their own publication.

Just after this Sarah was invited to be the BACP ‘Advisor on ADHD’ for any counsellors or members of the public contacting the BACP wanting information on ADHD.

Yet within months of all of this, the BACP hauled her over the coals for her own very obvious ADHD traits – and minor ones at that.

The Truth About The BACP Professional Conduct Notice


Her crime? Putting two posts up on Facebook.

One agreeing with the contents of a TV show which had been on the night before about the prison service. Having worked in four prisons and seen the amount of ADHD people locked up inside, Sarah has a huge amount of interest in the criminal justice system and how it doesn’t recognise ADHD.

The second crime, inviting friends to support an ADHD coaching client who was relaunching his music career. Somebody Sarah was working with voluntarily at her local homeless charity. Completely anonymously and with the persons full permission.

This was enough for the BACP – allegedly a governing body who supports counsellors – to accuse her of bringing the counselling profession into disrepute! They then proceeded to drag Sarah through a two-year reign of terror and finally expelled her for what was seen by everybody else as helping ADHD people.

Sarah had the full support of three leading ADHD Psychiatrists and her own BACP supervisor – who ALL told the BACP that this was purely Sarah’s passion for helping prisoners and ADHD people in general. And the worst she could be accused of were the ADHD traits of ‘impulsivity’, ‘being overly compassionate’ and ‘inattention’ that her Facebook page was no longer private.

The BACP decided to ignore all four of these professionals and instead publicly discredit Sarah online which their archaic ruling means they can do for six years.

Discrimated Against For Standing Up For The ADHD Community


Sarah has dedicated her life to helping people. She has spent over 25 years volunteering with the homeless and offenders, in particular young offenders. She trained as a counsellor purely to help offenders turn their lives around and she has thousands of clients and clients parents who are forever grateful for all the effort she has put into keeping their teenagers on the right path.

Sarah has given up thousands of hours over the years working voluntarily for Crisis, The Big Issue, The Princes Trust, numerous other ex-offender and homeless charities and the probation and prison service.

She has done all this while negotiating her own conditions including moderate to severe ADHD (which she was only diagnosed with aged 51), severe dyspraxia with 1% processing skills and 1% motor skills, dyscalculia, sensory processing disorder, complex PTSD and having had a heart attack 10 years ago.

Sarah started out counselling on her own as an ADHD Specialist Counsellor in 2016 but soon became so busy she had to seek out other therapists diagnosed with ADHD. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that children and adults with ADHD in the UK can see a therapist with the same brain as theirs, and now has over 50 therapists working for her company Headstuff ADHD Therapy.

Alongside this, Sarah is passionate about keeping ADHD adolescents and young adults out of prison so she set up Headstuff ADHD Liberty. This company provides help and support to anybody with ADHD and addiction or crime issues and works closely with solicitors and barristers to keep ADHD and ASD people out of prison.

In 2022 Sarah set up her own charity ADHD LIBERTY with the purpose of providing grants to ADHD people in trouble, due to undiagnosed or unmanaged ADHD – and as far away from the criminal justice system as possible.

Sarah has never forgotten her promise to all the undiagnosed young offenders she worked with as a Prison Counsellor and campaigns for ADHD testing in prisons and police stations.

It Is Not Good Enough!


Sarah is utterly appalled that an organisation supposedly understanding of disability and there to support counsellors, should completely disregard their own disability expert on ADHD and decide she isn’t good enough to belong to their organisation for that very same ADHD.

Sarah is available for television, radio, newspaper and magazine interview. You can see some of the latest news and press via the media page. She can also be contacted at