Sarah and her team at Headstuff are very familiar with a lot of the voluntary counselling organisations. However, as far as they are aware, APA are the only counselling, coaching and psychotherapy voluntary membership body support to therapists with a specific neurodiversity membership application pathway.

The APA are very aware that joining a supportive membership body is critical for neurodiverse therapists. So they have put in place a membership application process that supports those with ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia and any other neuro diverse conditions.

They will happily adapt to each unique individuals neurodiverse needs.  Giving them a neurodiverse friendly way of joining their organisation.

And on top of this they work collaboratively with their neurodiverse therapists to make sure that all their membership benefits are available in an accessible format.

The APA are proud to support and fully include neuro diversity into their organisation.


Ayanay Psychological Accreditation (APA)

Ayanay Psychological Accreditation (APA) offer membership to Therapists, Coaches and interested parties. They creating collaborations with organisations to create employment opportunities for Therapists and Coaches. Additionally, APA run CPD training events and more.

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Sarah Templeton Qualified Accredited Member

Sarah Templeton is a Qualified Accredited Member of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation (APA) Membership. Furthermore, Sarah is also now an APA Recognised Specialist in Neurodiversity and Education & Community Support.

Member of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation Member of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation